Empowered Communities

Navigating government services shouldn’t require a degree. We need to train communities on access to government resources and how to advocate for themselves to keep government accountable. My office will establish the Community Leaders Forum to help Houstonians solve problems but also teach them the inside track through resources, events, and educational opportunities.

Strong Small Business

Government contracts should be accessible to every small business. Because Houston thrives on its entrepreneurial economy, we need to ensure that every small business in Houston has the ability to contract with the City. I will advocate for policy to unbundle contacts, create partnership opportunities, and work with the City’s Office of Business Opportunity to support their objectives for small business success.

No more bandage solutions to major issues like flooding, budgets, transportation, and community development. We need systems level change that is based on data and stakeholder input. We identify local challenges and develop long term public and private sector solutions that are innovative and cost effective. Our workgroups have begun working on a livable municipal wage, early ed expansion and human trafficking.


We aren’t going to wait for election results to begin serving Houston neighborhoods, we are doing the work now.

Livable Wage for Municipal Employees

A livable wage for Houston families is critical to our growth. As the fourth largest City, it is our duty to ensure that the people responsible our municipality’s daily functions are fairly compensated and are not charged with balancing multiple sources of employment to make ends meet.

A family making livable wages are able to fully engaged in the lives of those they support, become civically engaged and build on their work through entrepreneurship.

This workgroup will identify a pathway to increasing the City’s pay scale for its employees and contractors.

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Early Educational Programming

75% of a child’s brain develops by age five. What exposure students have at this fundamental stage informs their ability to learn moving forward, and whether the child will be able to thrive academically at every stage.

Whether the student pursues a career or post-secondary opportunities, their ability to grasp concepts, critically think and innovate begins in their earliest days.

This workgroup will identify opportunities to strengthen educational spaces and programming throughout Houston communities.

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Human Trafficking

Houston has become an epicenter for human trafficking, and that is one title that we must not keep. This is both a moral and an economic issue that impacts Houstonians of every status.

Our neighborhoods must be safe havens for our families and businesses, not the hiding places of illicit businesses. Our children, our families and our city deserve better.

This workgroup will identify solutions to end the nefarious trafficking activity that stains the very fiber of our beloved Houston. 

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