The Time is NOW

I have served Houston’s communities for over 15 years, beginning with executive positions at Houston City Council in both district and at-large offices.

In those early years, I was both elevated and grounded through the grit that being a committed public servant demanded and the crowd-sourced wisdom gained in working with diverse communities to implement solutions to everyday challenges.

Now is the time to bring sustainable solutions to bear that benefit ALLHoustonians!

It’s time that At-Large 3 has representation that isn’t just against something, but actively pursues a vision for Houston that fosters permanent solutions to its issues.

It’s time to end politically expedient responses to matters that require careful consideration.

It’s time to address issues of homelessness, discrimination, adequate wages, inclusive public safety and early education.

It’s time to be smart about mobility, infrastructure and environmental impact.

It’s time to bring innovative policies and practices the meet and exceed the expectations of a major global city.

It’s time to take on tough issues.

The time is now, Houston. We are the people that we have been waiting for. Let’s get to work!