Our Kick-Off

Thursday, May 16th, marked the official kick-off of our campaign! Thank you to the supporters who joined us in-person and on IG Live — we felt your presence and energy for change!

Please take a moment to read Janaeya’s remarks:

Good evening and thank you all for joining us.

As I hope you know by this point, my name is Janaeya Carmouche and I’m running for Houston City Council At-Large Position 3!

I’m a life-long Houstonian, born and raised in the Trinity Gardens community.

My life has been influenced by my family’s commitment to hard work and public service.

That commitment led me to begin working for my community at age 12, become politically engaged at 15, and to fulfilling my purpose over the past 15 years by supporting families and neighborhoods throughout Houston in my work at the city, county, and state government levels.

Over the years, I’ve been told I should run for office; an idea that I rejected.

I enjoyed supporting transformational efforts in the background like my most recent post with Commissioner Ellis where I served as Deputy Director of the Community Engagement Department — the first position of its kind in a Harris County precinct office.

But there came a moment when I accepted that I had to move upward to do more for the people of the city I love.

At-large city council positions are policy-focused opportunities to shift the quality of life for all communities, at every level.

We are at a critical moment in Houston when our government must approach every issue with a sense of great responsibility.

We must be creative, and deal compassionately, toward Houstonians whose lives are in flux.

We mustn’t shy away from or oppose new concepts just because they’re challenging or uncomfortable.

We must become solution-oriented in every endeavor. The new four-year council terms allow time for significant shifts to happen IF we’re willing to do the work.

My campaign stands firmly on the pillars of Sustainable Solutions and Community Empowerment.

Sustainable Solutions gather the right tools to take on the tough conversations and will include input from stakeholders, subject matter experts, members of academia and the business community. This effort is intended to design outcomes that may be funded through sources other than the City’s general fund.

We are not going to wait for election results to begin the work, we have already begun. Our first issues are living wages, human trafficking, and early education. If you are interested in participating in any of these working groups, please contact our campaign.

As it relates to community empowerment: this isn’t a lofty aspiration. Our campaign has developed an infrastructure of robust and on-going training for stakeholders through our Community Leaders Forum. It is my desire that we strengthen Houstonians’ ability to advocate and improve their neighborhoods using the resources, understanding and authentic care that comes with personal investment.

This is how we can enable our City to move forward, together.

We can’t allow the casual dismissal of working families to continue. We should not keep anyone in office who simply act as an obstructionist — never truly advocating for or improving the communities he's used for votes.

Every person, no matter their economic status, has the right to benefit and a place at the wheel of our overall advancement. I am asking for the privilege to lead, but I will need your help.

My opponent, at this very moment, is hosting an impromptu fundraiser. Same day and time frame as ours. That’s not a coincidence.

He knows we’re a threat and is responding as such.

I will need each of you to dig a little deeper and give a bit more of your time, talent and treasure to get us this win. I need you to call a friend, send a text, encourage a neighbor and make sure people know that local elections matter… that this election matters.

Not just because I’m running, but because if we really want a future worthy of our world-class City, we must never be passive in its governance ever again. We must make our voices heard!

Thank you!