#HoustonStrong: Then & Now

It’s difficult to put the year I spent with fellow Houstonians after Harvey into words. We committed ourselves to distributing donations sent from all over the country, feeding hundreds in need, directly helping families rebuild through generous endowments and empowering residents to advocate for equitable local funding to expedite recovery efforts and mitigation in every community — we gave it our all!

Of these many experiences, what I remember most is the heart of this City. So many people gave of themselves while their own homes and lives were in need of rebuilding. It was natural for them to put neighbors first. That's what Houston does.

Recovery efforts of this magnitude are a long road with much that remains undone. People are still out of their homes, federal funding hasn’t yet landed and the increasing intensity of major Houston rain events requires innovative responses to protect our City’s future.

I have no doubt that Houstonians will take on these challenges with unwavering confidence and unmatched compassion. We know how to get the job done!

As your Council Member, I will utilize my expertise in working across government agencies to access every available resource in strengthening our infrastructure, returning families to their homes, and preparing our communities for the next flood event.

Let's tackle this work, together!