Big Picture

Houstonians are big thinkers and big DOERS. We approach everything with the daringness of innovators; whether it's leading in medicine, sports, entertainment, the aerospace sciences or providing energy for the world – we go BIG to get it done.

That homegrown energy is what I want to bring to the Houston City Council in pursuit of answers to our major challenges and concerns. It's is not enough merely to be for or against an issue. Houston needs leaders that act with the considered commitment worthy of a global city.

In the coming months, I will continue visiting with people and organizations throughout Houston to hear their challenges, gauge their priorities and identify the resources necessary to find lasting resolutions. (Invite Janaeya for a visit, here.)

I am assembling teams of the best and brightest Houstonians now to begin the work of addressing concerns and empowering neighborhoods to create plans to improve transportation, address localized flooding, increase public safety and fight to end the exploitation of the most vulnerable among us.

Let us know what issues hold priority in your community.

At-Large City Council Members are uniquely positioned to facilitate significant policy shifts that can improve all of our communities. We can and should be thinking of BIG ideas to improve America's fourth-largest, and most diverse, city and seize the unparalleled opportunities that our economic engine can generate.

My life of service has been shaped by the family and friends that I've been Blessed to call my own. I love Houston, and I intend to use every lesson learned and relationship gained over my 15 years of city, county and state government experience to build a brighter future for this city.

Together, we can achieve BIG things for Houston!