I am the embodied result of a large Houston family. My maternal grandmother prepared her largest meal every Sunday, so that we could call our neighbors to take food. We kids were the local Meals on Wheels... which was really meals on foot. She would dispatch us throughout the neighborhood with food and groceries for seniors and families in need. My paternal grandmother's sense of duty and standards guided her work as an academician. It extended as her passion after retirement through supporting young students in pursuing scholarship opportunities and volunteering endless hours of support to those in pursuit of their doctoral accreditation. My grandfathers passed along their ingenuity, entrepreneurial inclinations and boundless commitment to uplifting our local communities. These pillars, along with my parents, are why I have always pursued a career path that positively impacts the lives of Houstonians. Your vote would give me the continued honor to serve our communities.

My political life began in the early 1990’s on a drive through our neighborhood when my mother explained the role that government plays in our daily lives. Upon recognizing my sincere interest, she took me to town hall meetings and encouraged me to ask questions of our elected officials. This began my search to find solutions for what ailed our communities.

During my college years, I staffed on-campus voter registration efforts and debated hot-button issues with classmates that became lifelong friends. I've worked across decades to represent and hold space for communities seeking change, and have had the privilege of working with elected and appointed officials that worked tirelessly to create transformative change. 

Service to our city is embedded in my DNA, and it is why I come before you today asking for your vote of confidence. I intend to bring the energy and optimism that has propelled me forward throughout my journey to realizing the Houston that's just over horizon. A city that is able to harness its raw talent, heart and ambition to create a global model of thoughtful progress and light a path forward as one of the most diverse collections of communities in America.

Yours in service,


About the position: 

  • At-large City Council positions are policy-focused opportunities to advance a sustainable quality of life for all Houstonians. 

  • The total span of impact is city-wide and allows representatives to support the goals of District offices and their constituencies. 

  • The shift in City Council terms from three two-year terms to two four-year terms allow for a more focused approach to service.

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